It’s been awhile since I’ve started thinking about making a new website. The only thing holding me back has been figuring out how much time I was willing to spend on developing a new one. People who know me or who have been reading my blog may be aware of my struggle with finishing long projects. This is why, even though making website is kinda my job, I decided to buy a theme. And I do not have a single regret, that theme looks awesome.

Today, anyone can make an amazing looking website without writing a line of code. There are many services with different levels of simplicity that will allow you to easily create your website. Usually simplicity means less choice, and websites are no exceptions. Using a service like Wix or Squarespace will probably mean some sacrifice will have to be made. Especially if you have a specific idea in mind. With a wordpress theme, like this one, you get some of the simplicity with a lot more flexibility. But no matter what you web skills are you can still make a great functional website. 

For me the question was: Do I want to spend hundreds of hours designing and making my website or do I want to spend $50 on a theme and maybe ten hours adapting it to my needs? The truth is, I have better things to spend my time on. I enjoyed making websites in the past and it is also a good way to make money, but it can be very time consuming. And let’s be honest, there is no way I would have made something as nice. It’s simple, clean, and puts forward the content, which is just what I needed.

So now that my website is done, I can focus on my project. Remember that game I talked about last post? Yeah I haven’t given up on it yet. Took a slight detour, but totally worth it. I won’t have to look at the mess of a website I made… 7 years ago… And

in case anyone is wondering. the theme is called “Authentic.”