Hi, my name is Raphael Baumann I’m a lot of things and nothing at the same time. Ever since I’ve known what I wanted to do I’ve never been able to explain it without sounding like an idiot. The issue isn’t that what I do is dumb or weird, but that I’d have to give you a platitude or you’d better be ready for an hour-long ramble.

Luckily this is a blog so I get make it as concise as it can be. So here we go:

I create stuff.

Creating is the only word I feel comfortable using because that word doesn’t carry much implication. I have drawn, built, spent thousands of hours 3D modeling, gotten into photography, filmmaking, and also worked as a web, game and app developer. At first glance, the relationship between these activities isn’t clear. Some of them could fall in the art category but some others challenge the definition of that very word. I’m sure some would argue that everything can be considered art but then that word loses all its meaning. The fact that I would have to challenge the meaning of what an artist does to describe what I do would only make this description longer. Unfortunately, for a long time, that was the closest description I had. But recently I figured out what I was doing wrong. To define my passion I was looking for a job description while I should have been looking at what I was doing. Which by now you probably figured out, I was creating things.

This blog will serve me as a window to what I do. From now on when someone asks me what I do I’ll be able to show them this website. But I won’t. Because who does that? It’s weird! I’ll just tell them I’m a media engineer and leave them wonder as to what a media engineer does. But you! Reading this. You got the real answer.