Soooo…. I was doing daily videos which quickly turned into twice a week to weekly to, well none. but let’s not reminisce on our past failures. That was like 6 month ago and I don’t regret any second of it. It made me realise that I didn’t want to make low production videos. I don’t want to say I’ll never do it again, but with my limited free time I’d rather be spending it wisely. I could have gone back to short 2-3 minute comedy video, but I didn’t want to do that either. On my main channel, I have made more than 50 videos with Vlad, John, Billy Bob and that Australian character that didn’t last long (I couldn’t do the accent). Don’t get me wrong. It was fun while it lasted and I learned so much while doing it, but it was time for me to raise the bar.

The thing is with these videos, by the end, it became less of a learning experience and more of a routine where I would write a short skit, film it, edit it and publish it. On average a video would take me 30 hours to produce from the idea to the uploading. At the time I thought it was quiet a long time, and frankly for an 20 years old it is. Think how many beers you could drink in that amount of time! But truthfully 30 man hours for a video is not very long. Looking at my videos I realised that there wasn’t one that made me proud. The thing is, when I started I was expecting to get better and better, which I’m sure I did, but to a level that was barely noticeable.

Why is that? Well, probably because I got stuck into a routine. My Solution to this stagnating progress was to challenge myself on every aspect of filmmaking (well more or less). The past six month I have been learning about writing, story telling, character development, and many other things to create my own mini web series. As underwhelming as that may sound, it is a big difference. In the past, what I was doing was stand alone video’s with a vague story linking it all together. There wasn’t any time for development or depth. Jokes were simple and story was brief. This time around it is a sci-fi/comedy, five episode mini series.

The five episode will create one larger story with depth, intrigue and suspense. And also I’ve spend six month writing it… To be more accurate, I should say It’s been six month since I’ve started writing this web series.  Obviously I haven’t been writing it 24/7, I’ve also been learning about writing and filmmaking in general. Ow and work and stuff… that too. But I can honestly say it is the biggest project I have ever work on. The script went through many pages of notes, 3 major rewrites and possibly thousands of mixed feelings towards it. Needless to say, I’m excited about the final product. The script isn’t even done yet but it is currently being read by friends. I’m not going to give a date for the release because there is still so much left to do. But I’ll everything in my power to release it this year. (2015) Ow, and our dearly beloved Vlad Beletsky will be starring in it as the main protagonist, so there’s that…